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Content Writing Services

Doing business in the Internet is one of the most effective ways of earning money. And with the continuing rise of online businesses, competition is tougher. Virtual Hires is here to assist you in promoting your websites to your customers. Instead of increased views for your website, we will offer you increased income. With our skilled content writers, you’re all set to be revealed in the virtual world.

Virtual Hires Content Writers

The experienced and trained content writers of Virtual Hires will translate words into revenues. Our expertise and flexibility allows us to easily adapt to whatever you may demand to write. Our writing strategies and logical and creative approach assures you that we will promote your site, and at the same time certify that what we’re writing makes sense to the readers. With our excellent writing skills coupled with outstanding research and editing ability, you are guaranteed of high quality results that meets your needs and requirements.

Benefits of Using Outsourced Content Writing Services

  • Time-efficient
    Virtual Hires does all the screening of the qualifications and capabilities of the content writers. Virtual Hires assigns the most qualified content writer suited to work for you and cater to your needs and requirements. Virtual Hires will provide you with your own content writer without the hassles of spending so much time and effort in the hiring process (e.g. checking credentials and references, interviews,) and supervision.
  • Convenient and Reliable
    When you hire a content writer from Virtual Hires, he/she will be working for you on a full-time basis. The content writer assigned to you will be available at your chosen working time. He/she will submit to you, daily and weekly reports for you to monitor the tasks done and the progress of the job in hand.
  • Increased Web Traffic = Increased Profits
    Whether your sites are selling or endorsing something, Virtual Hires guarantees you that your products and services will be visible to your target market. Virtual Hires content writers are well-equipped with knowledge and understanding on the Internet and how search engines work. This allows them to use the right keywords that could boost the number of your site visitors. With your product and service offers exposed on the Internet, you increase your opportunities and the likelihood of earning more money.

Our writing services include:

Article Writing

We write articles with content that would surely boost your site into the top of the list of search engine results. Anything you want us to write, we assure you positive results. Our content writers are equipped with skills to complement the use of keyword research and their excellent writing skills to make articles from your sites visible and interesting.

News / Press Releases

If you want share information with news value, or want others to write something about a specific topic, Virtual Hires offers services on writing news and press releases. Our content writers are capable of attracting viewers for your site, and increase publicity on whatever you want to promote or share to the public.

Products and Website Reviews

Good impression on your website and the products it offers is key on translating visits to cash. Virtual Hires content writers make price comparisons and positive reports to products and websites that would definitely influence consumer behavior. Our strong and convincing words encourage consumers to admire and support your products and website. We ensure an increase of popularity and reputation for your sites and products that would certainly increase your profits.


Make your sites/blogs popular through our blogging services. Combine convincing words with artistic blog appearances that would catch viewer’s attention. We, at Virtual Hires, will help you promote your website/blog. From its content, design, structure, everything that would add up to the overall impact of what you’re trying to present to the online community. Whether it’s for your business, for personal use, or even just for fun, we are here to reveal you and your site to the virtual world.

Business Letter / Reports

Virtual Hires aids you in communicating your business to the world. Our knowledge on different topics and adaptability to whatever you want us to write about makes Virtual Hires successful in helping clients with their business. We recommend solutions and offer relevant information that you could use in decision-making. Our organized and structured writing allow us to compose business letters and reports that help our clients reach their business goals.
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