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Graphic Design Services

Graphic Design combines words, images and creative ideas and translates it into a visual message for a general or targeted audience. It is one of the most effective and powerful forms of communication for selling or sharing information. Creative graphic design persuades consumers to become interested in the services and products that a site offers. Virtual Hires offers graphic designs that fit your site’s identity. With Virtual Hires, you are assured of high quality graphic design services.

Graphic Artists at Virtual Hires

Our Graphic Artists are skilled artists with creative ideas that transform great ideas to images. We stylize and present existing text and images to improve a site's appearance and to intrigue viewers. Our graphic designers combine excellent visual arts skills, typography, and layout skills to constantly communicate your company's identity.

Benefits of Hiring Outsourced Graphic Artists

  • Professional Image
    In subscribing to graphic design services, you are taking an important step in expressing your own identity. If you have a website, you share something with the public that makes them interested in finding out more about the site, learning about what you have to offer, and sharing in an online community. Graphic Design presents a more polished image of your site/business.
  • High Quality Designs
    With VH Graphic Design services, you are assured that our services are of high quality and will satisfy your needs. We plan our graphic designs in conjunction with our customers. That is why we produce first-rate services for whatever you need in terms of art and graphics.
  • Attract Customers
    Our skilled Graphic Artists are capable of producing and transforming artistic websites that attract customers and make your site recognizable. This gives you an edge, distinguishes you from your competitors, and solidifies your identity. Your site’s design reflects your company’s character and helps consumers understand the message that you are trying to convey.

Our Graphic Design services include:

Logo design

A logo is a symbol used by businesses to create a trademark and create a visual reminder of the company. Our skilled graphic artists can generate any logo design exactly the way you visualize it. Whether Animated GIF Logos or Animated Flash Logos, we are here to communicate your company through exceptional logo design. We also offer logo improvement, color editing, and website logo design updates.

Corporate Identity Design

We create a positive, branded image for your company for all aspects of communication. Our services include branding and trademarks, business cards, letterhead, invitations, brochures or anything that shares your identity with your clients.

Photo Editing

VH offers services like photo quality enhancements, photo enlargement, photo designs, photo restoration, and more. Try our digital retouching and special effects to create memorable, high-quality images for your print or online images.

Flash Designs

If you want a more artistic and stylish look for your website, VH Graphic Artists are excellent in producing high quality Flash services. The services include Flash Headers, Flash Animations, Flash Introductions, and more.

Video/Audio Editing

If you’re planning to enhance your site with television commercials, videos, documentaries, audio tutorials, or short films, VH can help. We can help you edit and improve your videos by adding high quality effects and features within the videos. Our VH Graphic Artists can provide you with first-rate imaging and audio to promote your services and support your brand.
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