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Jim Kukral, Business Web Coach Jim Kukral
Business Web Coach

"From the very first time I opened up my email and saw my daily accomplishment report from my new virtual assistant... I was hooked. Now, every day, all the tasks I came up with the day before are done and in my inbox for me when I wake up. I'm not sure what I'd do without it. Virtual Hires got it right for me - the first time!"
Anita Campbell, Small Business Trends Anita Campbell
Small Business Trends

"Virtual Hires has been a lifesaver to staff my growing business. I have a small team in the United States already - and they are great. But we needed more help on writing, Web research, and other special Web projects to go after more business. Unfortunately we were caught in a Catch 22. We worried we could not afford to staff in anticipation of new business, but we knew we couldn't get new business without more staff. With Virtual Hires we are able to expand capacity within our budget. Grace, our Web Maven through Virtual Hires, is dedicated, attentive and sharp as a tack. When we check our email in the morning we find that Grace has deliverables or an update waiting for us, due to the time zone differences. This schedule keeps the team productive nearly 24 hours a day - important for us because we sometimes work on tight deadlines. She provides a daily report of her activities and progress, and we communicate regularly via instant messenger so she can ask questions and I can clarify instructions. I was a little concerned at first about how well we could collaborate on work projects from half way around the world, but it has worked out well."
Tim Schroeder, ePressive LLC Tim Schroeder
ePressive LLC

"My experience with Virtual Hires exceeded my expectations. I was in the process of developing a few new affiliate sites, and needed a large number of product reviews in addition to some light link building. Rona, my content writer, proved to be very competent in producing relevant, creative, original content. The end result? Three thriving new sites that are growing in terms of traffic and sales. Working with Virtual Hires was a smart decision. I give them my highest recommendation."
Jim Kukral, Business Web Coach Jeff Hanson

"The team at Virtual Hires delivers on their promises and strives for daily improvement. Their staff of writers, link builders, and designers offers a high value solution for any company watching costs, but seeking quality. With a focus on meeting customer needs and remaining flexible, Virtual Hires has hit the sweet spot of performance for Moneysmartz."
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