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What are Virtual Assistants?

If you need online administrative and expert aid from a professional, virtual assistance is perfect for you. Virtual assistance builds a relationship between virtual assistants (VAs) and the client, with great significance and effectiveness. Virtual assistants can do projects to help you get work done faster and easier and help you accomplish your goals in a snap.

Virtual Hires Virtual Assistants

If you’re tired of doing complex and/or repetitive tasks over and over agaim, worry no more. Virtual Hires is here to help you. As independent contractors our Virtual Assistants are self-determining and organized professionals. They are expert in administrative and clerical tasks providing virtual business support services. At Virtual Hires, we offer you virtual assistants with different areas of expertise and come from different business backgrounds. This would help you get rid of your complicated and time-consuming tasks, and let our virtual assistants do the job for you so that you could focus on the things you love. You can relax and enjoy yourself with your family, while we do the tasks to help you earn more money. With our flexibility and broad range of skills, we will help you reach your goals, and achieve the success of your business.

Benefits of Hiring Outsourced Virtual Assistants

  • Reduces stress and hassles
    Working with a virtual assistant is fun and convenient. Your virtual assistant can help you in your daily work. It doesn’t just reduce your work load, but also lessen your worries thinking of tasks being done. VH virtual assistants are skilled and capable of doing tasks on time. You wouldn’t be bothered by your deadlines and the quality of work because you are assured that our virtual assistants are there to provide you excellence.
  • Easy access
    No matter where you are, if you’re out of the country or having a vacation trip, our virtual assistant will be there to work for you. With the use of your phone or the Internet, you can instruct your virtual assistant what you want them to do.
  • Timesaver
    You can readdress complicated and arduous errands to your virtual assistant to save time and do other tasks to meet deadlines. This would also allow you to spend valuable time with your family and friends.
  • Reliable
    Our virtual assistants are flexible and organized. They have complete control of their work and manages time effectively so that they can do several projects instantly. Their initiative and brilliant ideas allow them to do multi-tasking and provide high quality work for their clients.

Our Virtual Assistance Services include:

Online Secretary

With our virtual assistants’ broad level of skills and creative management expertise, we will assure you that your daily business operations would be in order. Part of this service includes record management, word processing, reminders, paperwork, and more.

Online Research

If you want to do research on something but you have a busy schedule, you can ask your virtual assistant to do research on a particular topic through the Internet. The virtual assistant can instantly send you the details of the research so that you can get the information you want without delay.

Travel Plans

Whether you’re having a business trip, or a European tour, our virtual assistants will provide you the safest and the most sustainable travel options. From researching travel destinations, cost planning, and reviewing travel behavior to ensure that you would have an unforgettable trip.


Our virtual assistants will provide you with business reports, feasibility studies, financial reports, and more. We know that you want everything to be in order and organized, so we will provide every detail and aspect of our report to give an understanding of that information.

Personal Online Organizer

If you’re a busy person, virtual assistants would be perfect for you to organize your daily functions. This online management service includes schedule management, organize meetings and events, record keeping, business transaction management, and more.

Audio Transcription

Our virtual assistants will make sure that our speech to text conversion service is of high quality, reliable and confidential. This service can be used in seminars, interviews, meetings, and for media companies. Translating sound to text could result to converting text to profit.

Customer Support

Our virtual assistants will offer you information on different subjects, answer your questions, and provide solutions to your problems. We offer everything that would satisfy our client’s needs.
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